日期:2018-05-21 Famed Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou received an honorary Doctor of Humanize Letters from the Boston University at its 145th Commencement. 中国知名电影制作人张艺谋在波士顿大学第145届毕业典礼上获得人文艺术荣誉博士学位。 Its my greatest honor to presen... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-20 A new library of audio books of Chinese texts for primary and secondary school students was launched by China Media Group on Saturday. 一座中小学语文课本有声读物图书馆周六在中国广播电影电视集团的推动下成立。 The collection provides audio versions of... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-19 Performing artists who were exposed to abuse, neglect or a dysfunctional family as a child might experience their creative process more intensely, according to a new long-term study that has found a link between the two. 一项长期研究发现,表演艺术家... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-19 New research has revealed how the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa has managed to stay standing - and intact - in the face of four strong earthquakes and a precarious lean of five degrees. 意大利的标志性建筑比萨斜塔有5度的倾斜度,而且还历经4次大地震,却... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-15 No. 70, a documentary jointly produced by China Radio International and Radio Television of Serbia, premiered in Serbia on the evening of May 13. 中国国际广播电台和塞尔维亚无线电视联合拍摄的纪录片《70号》5月13日晚在塞尔维亚首映。 The documentary is... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-14 Yunyang, a county situated in the northeast of Chongqing municipality, has recently pledged to build a Jurassic dinosaur theme park to exhibit its range of dinosaur fossil discoveries. 位于重庆市东北的云阳县计划建造一座侏罗纪恐龙主题公园,以展示其发... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-14 A report by the New York Times says that there are now about 1.2 million people in Australia with Chinese ancestry. 《纽约时报》一份报告指出,澳大利亚大约有120万人有中国血统。 This year marks the 200th anniversary of the arrival of the first Chinese... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-10 Chinas domination of the elite Times Higher Education (THE) Emerging Economies Rankings continues. 泰晤士报高等教育周三公布,中国在新兴经济体大学排行榜继续占主导地位。 The annual ranking comprises more than 350 universities -- expanded from 300 last... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-09 The fossil-rich county of Qinggang in western Heilongjiang Province has announced a plan to construct a major paleozoological museum. 富含化石的黑龙江青冈县计划建设一座大型古生物博物馆。 Known in China as being home to several mammoth fossil sites,... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-09 The 71st Cannes International Film Festival rose its curtain on Tuesday. 第71届戛纳国际电影节周二在法国里维埃拉拉开帷幕。 U.S. director Martin Scorsese and Australian Oscar winner and producer Cate Blanchett, the jurys president, declared open the 7... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-07 Chinas giant panda research base said on Sunday that it has hatched one Chinese monal (Lophophorus lhuysii) egg, a bird as rare as the giant panda. 中国大熊猫研究基地周日表示,该基地已孵化一枚绿尾虹雉蛋,这种鸟类跟大熊猫一样珍贵。 The rare bird, nat... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-07 Lin Jianhua, President of Peking University, has apologized for mispronouncing a word during his speech to students at the 120th anniversary of the establishment of the prestigious college, reports Beijing Youth Daily. 《北京青年报》报道,北京大学校... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-06 A new Indian historical-fantasy has hit theatres in China on Friday. 一部印度历史奇幻影片周五在中国各大影院上映。 Baahubali 2: The Conclusion is the follow-up to Baahubali: The Beginning Directed by S.S. Rajamouli, the sequel revolves around a sibli... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-06 The Chinese Embassy in the U.S. held its first Open Day for the public in Washington on May 5, 2018. 2018年5月5日,中国驻美国华盛顿大使馆举行首个公众开放日。 Offering a view of Chinese art forms such as traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, mar... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-04 Chinas only original manuscripts by Karl Marx were put on exhibition Thursday at Nanjing University in Nanjing, capital of east Chinas Jiangsu Province. 中国唯一一份卡尔马克思手稿周四在南京大学展出。 The exhibition, held to mark the 200th anniversar... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-04-29 Scientists have discovered why the Mona Lisas expression looks so different to different people and at different times. 不同的人在不同的时间观察蒙娜丽莎的表情会得到完全不同的印象,对于这一点,科学家们已经找到其中的原因。 For centuries, art lovers an... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-04-23 Beijing will establish two intellectual property protection centers this year, according to the information office of the Beijing municipal government. 北京市政府新闻办公室表示,今年北京将建立两处知识产权保护中心。 The two centers will mainly serve... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-04-20 Officials and scholars from China and Norway vowed to enhance their cooperation on the study of the Arctic in order to better respond to climate change. 来自中国和挪威的官员与学者承诺要加强双方对北极研究的合作以更好地应对气候变化。 The Nansen-Zhu In... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-04-19 A report by a specialist German organisation has stated that China is well ahead of European countries in terms of developing sustainable battery recycling systems. 德国某专家组织的一份报告中表示,中国在发展可持续电池回收系统领域领先欧洲国家。 Ensur... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-04-18 United Nations educational and scientific body UNESCO on Tuesday said two more Chinese sites received the organizations Global Geopark Label as they demonstrated the diversity of the planets geology. 联合国教科文组织周二宣布,中国两处地区因展现地球... 阅读全文>>
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