日期:2018-05-21 Transportation authorities in Beijing are working on easier ways for passengers to pay for access to the citys subway system, including facial recognition technology, reports Beijing Youth Daily. 《北京青年报》报道,北京交管部门正致力于让乘客用更简... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-21 The central government has enabled information sharing of marriages registered both in China and abroad in its latest effort to improve the accuracy of verifying citizens marital status and effectively prevent bigamy. 中国政府已经启用国内外婚姻登记... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-21 Governments across China will launch inspections to find out how the environment around sources of drinking water has been protected, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment said Sunday. 中国生态环境部周日表示,各地政府将开始检查饮用水源地周围环境保... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-20 The UKs Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle has tied the knot Saturday at St. Georges Chapel in Windsor. 英国哈里王子与美国女演员梅格汉马克尔周六在温莎圣乔治教堂完婚。 The one-hour service, solemnized by the Archbishop of Canterbury Just... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-19 In an effort to save its at-risk coral reefs, Hawaii has become the first state to pass a law banning specific sunscreen products. 为了拯救夏威夷濒危的珊瑚礁,夏威夷州成为美国首个对特定防晒产品颁布禁令的州。 The new law prohibits the sale and distri... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-18 Pakistan and China announced on Monday that the State Grid Corporation of China would build a high-voltage DC transmission line in Pakistan to help address power shortages in the capital Islamabad and in the countrys economic center Lahore. 巴基斯坦... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-16 China on Monday issued its first road test license to a foreign automobile firm granting BMW China Services Ltd. permission to test its self-driving vehicles. 本周一,中国首次对外国汽车公司发放自动驾驶汽车路试许可,该公司为宝马。 The Shanghai Commis... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-16 Air China has been ranked the fifth safest airline in the world, according to a list released during a press conference for the 9th World Airline Rankings in Hong Kong on Tuesday, reports Xinhua. 新华社报道,周二在香港召开的一场新闻发布会公布了第九... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-16 The entire body of a 49-year-old woman from Shandong Province has now been stored in a container filled with liquefied nitrogen for a year, reports Xinhua News Agency. 新华社报道,山东省某位49岁女性的全部身体被储存到一个装有液氮的容器里, 已 储存一... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-16 A cracked vase, made during Chinas Qing Dynasty (AD 1644-1912), was auctioned off for 87,000 (approx. $117,000) in the UK, according to the Daily Mail on May 13, 2018. 《每日邮报》5月13号报道,一个破损的花瓶,清朝年间(1644-1912)制成,在英国拍卖出8... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-15 Coal burning is no longer a major source of PM2.5 in Beijing, while car emissions have become the top cause, according to a study released by Beijings environment watchdog Monday. 北京环境监测机构周一的一份研究指出,烧煤不再是北京PM2.5的主要来源,汽... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-15 A groundbreaking ceremony for a restoration project of ancient dwellings, led by Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan, was held in Bengbu City, east Chinas Anhui Province on May 13, 2018, reports Chinanews.com. 中新网报道,5月13日,由香港影星成龙发起的... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-14 Chinas long-standing policy of giving children discounts based on their height has once again triggered controversy, with many parents calling for an age-based approach, reports Chinanews.com. 中新网报道,中国长久以来根据孩子身高给予票价优惠的政策再... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-14 Five people have been detained for spreading crime scene photos of a female flight assistant who was killed by a ride-hailing driver, police in central Chinas Henan Province said Sunday. 河南省警方周日宣布,五人因传播女空姐被网约车司机杀害的犯罪现场... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-13 As Italy struggles to deal with burgeoning populations of an introduced giant rodent, a mayor has come up with a novel solution - eat them. 从国外引进的一种体型较大的啮齿动物河狸鼠泛滥成灾,意大利正疲于应对,而此时一名市长想出了一个新办法,那就是,... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-13 Breaking up is never easy, as Abba sang, but the Ministry of Justice is so pleased with its online divorce pilot that it has launched the scheme nationwide this month. 就像阿巴乐队唱的那样,分手从来都不是件容易的事,但英国司法部对试运行的网上离婚系... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-13 Just as she did for the official portraits of her daughter, Charlotte, the Duchess of Cambridge has taken the first photos of His Royal Highness Prince Louis Arthur Charles, which have just been released by Kensington Palace. 英国肯辛顿宫近日公开了... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-13 Dutch fashion and shoe label Explicit Wear is hoping to solve one of lifes sticky situations -- the annoyance of stepping in discarded chewing gum on the pavement -- while helping to keep Amsterdams city streets clean. 踩到吐在人行道上的口香糖是件令... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-10 Gina Haspel, the nominee for Central Intelligence Agency Director, pledged Wednesday the agency would not resume torturing. 美国中情局局长候选人吉娜哈斯佩尔承诺中情局将不会严刑拷问。 Under my leadership CIA will not restart such a detention and inte... 阅读全文>>
日期:2018-05-10 China has become the world fourth biggest out-migration country after India, Mexico, and Russia, according to the recently released 2018 World Migration Report by the International Organization for Migration and the Center for China and Globalizatio... 阅读全文>>
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