The Three Fishermen <3>
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Then the pounding came, from inside the truck, as if a tire iron was beating at the sides of the vehicle. It was not a timid banging, not a minor1 signal. Bang! Bang! it came, and Bang! again. And the voice of authority from some place in space, some regal spot in the universe. "I'm not sitting here the livelong day whilst you boys gab2 away." A toothless meshing3 came in his words, like Walter Brennan at work in the jail in Rio Bravo or some such movie.
"Comin', pa," one of them said, the most orderly one, the one with the old scout4 sash riding him like a bandoleer.
They pulled open the back doors of the van, swung them wide, to show His Venerable Self, ageless, white-bearded, felt hat too loaded with an arsenal5 of flies, sitting on a white wicker rocker with a rope holding him to a piece of vertical6 angle iron, the crude kind that could have been on early subways or trolley7 cars. Across his lap he held three delicate fly rods, old as him, thin, bamboo in color, probably too slight for a lake's three-pounder. But on the Pine River, upstream or downstream, under alders8 choking some parts of the river's flow, at a significant pool where side streams merge9 and phantom10 trout11 hang out their eternal promise, most elegant, fingertip elegant.
"Oh, boy," Eddie said at an aside, "there's the boss man, and look at those tools." Admiration12 leaked from his voice.
Rods were taken from the caring hands, the rope untied13, and His Venerable Self, white wicker rocker and all, was lifted from the truck and set by our campfire. I was willing to bet that my sister Pat, the dealer14 in antiques, would scoop15 up that rocker if given the slightest chance. The old one looked about the campsite, noted17 clothes drying from a previous day's rain, order of equipment and supplies aligned18 the way we always kept them, the canvas of our tent taut19 and true in its expanse, our fishing rods off the ground and placed atop the flyleaf so as not to tempt20 raccoons with smelly cork21 handles, no garbage in sight. He nodded.
We had passed muster22.
"You the ones leave it cleaner than you find it ever' year. We knowed sunthin' 'bout16 you. Never disturbed you afore. But we share the good spots." He looked closely at Brother Bentley, nodded a kind of recognition. "Your daddy ever fish here, son?"


1 minor e7fzR     
  1. The young actor was given a minor part in the new play.年轻的男演员在这出新戏里被分派担任一个小角色。
  2. I gave him a minor share of my wealth.我把小部分财产给了他。
2 gab l6Xyd     
  1. The young man had got the gift of gab.那个年轻小贩能说会道。
  2. She has the gift of the gab.她口才很好。
3 meshing 474b53572f1b9b5306d81c3444a059f2     
  1. The modification of gear is a principal method for improving performance meshing. 齿面修形是提高齿轮副啮合性能的重要手段。
  2. Exact modeling of gear teeth is based on meshing theory. 摘要根据齿轮啮合原理,建立了轮齿的精确齿形。
4 scout oDGzi     
  1. He was mistaken for an enemy scout and badly wounded.他被误认为是敌人的侦察兵,受了重伤。
  2. The scout made a stealthy approach to the enemy position.侦察兵偷偷地靠近敌军阵地。
5 arsenal qNPyF     
  1. Even the workers at the arsenal have got a secret organization.兵工厂工人暗中也有组织。
  2. We must be the great arsenal of democracy.我们必须成为民主的大军火库。
6 vertical ZiywU     
  1. The northern side of the mountain is almost vertical.这座山的北坡几乎是垂直的。
  2. Vertical air motions are not measured by this system.垂直气流的运动不用这种系统来测量。
7 trolley YUjzG     
  1. The waiter had brought the sweet trolley.侍者已经推来了甜食推车。
  2. In a library,books are moved on a trolley.在图书馆,书籍是放在台车上搬动的。
8 alders 2fc5019012aa8aa07a18a3db0aa55c4b     
n.桤木( alder的名词复数 )
9 merge qCpxF     
  1. I can merge my two small businesses into a large one.我可以将我的两家小商店合并为一家大商行。
  2. The directors have decided to merge the two small firms together.董事们已决定把这两家小商号归并起来。
10 phantom T36zQ     
  1. I found myself staring at her as if she were a phantom.我发现自己瞪大眼睛看着她,好像她是一个幽灵。
  2. He is only a phantom of a king.他只是有名无实的国王。
11 trout PKDzs     
  1. Thousands of young salmon and trout have been killed by the pollution.成千上万的鲑鱼和鳟鱼的鱼苗因污染而死亡。
  2. We hooked a trout and had it for breakfast.我们钓了一条鳟鱼,早饭时吃了。
12 admiration afpyA     
  1. He was lost in admiration of the beauty of the scene.他对风景之美赞不绝口。
  2. We have a great admiration for the gold medalists.我们对金牌获得者极为敬佩。
13 untied d4a1dd1a28503840144e8098dbf9e40f     
松开,解开( untie的过去式和过去分词 ); 解除,使自由; 解决
  1. Once untied, we common people are able to conquer nature, too. 只要团结起来,我们老百姓也能移山倒海。
  2. He untied the ropes. 他解开了绳子。
14 dealer GyNxT     
  1. The dealer spent hours bargaining for the painting.那个商人为购买那幅画花了几个小时讨价还价。
  2. The dealer reduced the price for cash down.这家商店对付现金的人减价优惠。
15 scoop QD1zn     
  1. In the morning he must get his boy to scoop it out.早上一定得叫佣人把它剜出来。
  2. Uh,one scoop of coffee and one scoop of chocolate for me.我要一勺咖啡的和一勺巧克力的。
16 bout Asbzz     
  1. I was suffering with a bout of nerves.我感到一阵紧张。
  2. That bout of pneumonia enfeebled her.那次肺炎的发作使她虚弱了。
17 noted 5n4zXc     
  1. The local hotel is noted for its good table.当地的那家酒店以餐食精美而著称。
  2. Jim is noted for arriving late for work.吉姆上班迟到出了名。
18 aligned 165f93b99f87c219277d70d866425da6     
  1. Make sure the shelf is aligned with the top of the cupboard.务必使搁架与橱柜顶端对齐。
19 taut iUazb     
  1. The bowstring is stretched taut.弓弦绷得很紧。
  2. Scarlett's taut nerves almost cracked as a sudden noise sounded in the underbrush near them. 思嘉紧张的神经几乎一下绷裂了,因为她听见附近灌木丛中突然冒出的一个声音。
20 tempt MpIwg     
  1. Nothing could tempt him to such a course of action.什么都不能诱使他去那样做。
  2. The fact that she had become wealthy did not tempt her to alter her frugal way of life.她有钱了,可这丝毫没能让她改变节俭的生活习惯。
21 cork VoPzp     
  1. We heard the pop of a cork.我们听见瓶塞砰的一声打开。
  2. Cork is a very buoyant material.软木是极易浮起的材料。
22 muster i6czT     
  1. Go and muster all the men you can find.去集合所有你能找到的人。
  2. I had to muster my courage up to ask him that question.我必须鼓起勇气向他问那个问题。
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